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8-Week Online or In Person F.A.T. Method® Weight Loss Program

  • F.A.T. Method Program Beginning March 13, 2023 Includes:


8 Weekly Nutrition Coaching and Training Calls Via Zoom

Unlimited Access to Me to Ask Questions About Nutrition, Fitness and Weight Loss

Private Facebook Group (Awesome, Supportive Community!)

(2) Simple At-Home Work Out Programs to Accelerate Your Results or Unlimited W3 Fitness Boot Camps in Novato

The F.A.T. Method® E-Book Showing You the Weight Loss Fast-Track

And Most Important of All…The Simple Secret to Finally Losing All the Weight You Want and Keeping It Off…Without Sacrificing the Foods You Love…Without Packaged and Processed (yuck!) “Meals”...Without Pills or Shakes…and Without Doing HOURS of Cardio!

Are You Ready For Skinny Jeans, Toned Arms and Endless Compliments?

YES, I'm Ready!!

About Your F.A.T. Method® Coach

Carlos started his professional fitness career in 1996 after spending many years in the restaurant business. As a lifelong athlete in baseball and football, Carlos decided to make a career change into the fitness business as a personal trainer. He wanted something that would help people stay healthy and live longer lives. In his 20+ years of experience, Carlos has received certifications from NASM, NESTA, DBC and IFPA and trained over 1000 people. He is constantly researching fitness and biomechanics to stay up to date on the most efficient and safe ways to exercise. Specialties include sports conditioning, biomechanics and weight loss. Carlos is also a F.A.T. Method® user and has lost 15 lbs in 8 Weeks.

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